Fall Prevention Program

Our program offers a guarantee of a 30% reduction in falls.*


Program Overview

The Stryker Fall Prevention Program provides a systematic means to educate clinical staff about the conditions that can lead to a fall incident, along with evidence-based processes and technologies designed to help reduce the risk of patient falls. The program provides methods to assess and address patient risk factors, and to help prevent the risk of falls during hospitalization and after discharge.

Program Advantages

After fully implementing the Stryker Fall Prevention Program, your facility will have the ability to:

  • Adhere to evidence-based practices in fall prevention
  • Augment existing protocols and procedures
  • Maximize compliance with facility policies
  • Develop a task force for fall prevention
  • Develop and implement risk-specific interventions
  • Develop a system to monitor ongoing competency and compliance

Expected Outcomes and Results

Effective inpatient fall prevention programs are multifaceted and require multiple efforts from the entire healthcare team and organization to successfully prevent inpatient falls.1 When caregivers follow evidence-based behaviors and procedures, which include the appropriate use of bed technology, the following results are achievable:

  • Safety: lower incidence of patient falls
  • Satisfaction: increase in patients’ perception of care
  • Efficiency: increase in caregiver compliance, satisfaction and engagement
  • Protection: improved financial results related to risk avoidance and non-reimbursable hospital-acquired conditions (HACs)


Program Elements

  • Stryker Fall Prevention Workbook featuring the latest evidence-based information on patient fall prevention, including recommendations for continuous quality improvement implementation and monitoring
  • Staff education that includes product and process training
  • Complimentary Fall Prevention CEU Program
  • Patient and family education
  • Fall prevention guarantee*


Fall Prevention Guarantee

Stryker will guarantee that a facility will see at least a 30 percent reduction in bed-related falls, pertaining to patients who are in the bed with the Stryker Chaperone Bed Exit System with Zone Control, after one full year from bed delivery date. If not, Stryker will rebate the facility a portion of the overall purchase.

The Stryker Guarantee is based on our Product + Process = Prevention philosophy and includes facility requirements around documentation, training, education, maintenance and policy updates in order to ensure the proper use of Stryker beds with the Stryker Chaperone Bed Exit System. Stryker products are to be used in conjunction with evidence-based fall prevention practices to ensure a reduction in bed-related falls.


A More Comprehensive Approach

The complex issue of patient safety has always been an important focus of hospitals, but national healthcare reform has brought a significant amount of change. As hospitals transition from a “pay-for-reporting” model to a “pay-for-performance” model, Stryker is providing evidence-based tools to help drive continuous quality improvement efforts. Ongoing patient safety initiatives and continued vigilance regarding fall prevention are necessary to ensure patient safety and high-quality standards of care.

Connected and confident care

*Facility must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the Stryker Fall Prevention Workbook

1. Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI). Prevention of Falls (Acute Care). Healthcare Protocol. Bloomington, MN: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement; 2010. Available at http://www.icsi.org/falls_acute_care_prevention_of_protocol_/falls_acute_care_prevention_of_protocol_24255.html. Accessed July 25, 2011.