Studer Group® Hourly Rounding® Program

Improve clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and caregiver satisfaction, and decrease patient falls and the occurrence of pressure ulcers.


Program Overview

The partnership between Stryker and the Studer Group® represents the marriage of clinically focused products and best practices. Our shared goal is to provide improved efficiencies and outstanding outcomes that benefit healthcare organizations, caregivers and their patients. Studer Group® is an outcomes-based healthcare coaching firm devoted to teaching evidence-based tools and processes that organizations can immediately use to create and sustain clinical, service and operational excellence.

Exclusively through Stryker, institutions can access the materials and targeted onsite coaching to implement Hourly Rounding®, a powerful tactic to improve nursing and patient care excellence. The Hourly Rounding® program is a way to teach and coach leaders, nurses and ancillary staff members on specific tactics that are proven to help reduce the risk of hospital-acquired conditions, improve caregiver efficiency and increase patient satisfaction, while reinforcing the use of smart bed technology to institutionalize and sustain results.

Program Advantages

  • A consistent framework of staff behaviors and actions to use when rounding on patients
  • Video vignettes to demonstrate patient interactions using eight rounding behaviors
  • Tools, resources and tips to hardwire the approach
  • Leader training with specific implementation steps
  • How to collect baseline data and track results
  • Integration of Stryker smart bed technology with Studer Group® proven methodologies for hardwiring accountability

Hourly Rounding Study Results

  • 54% reduction in falls
  • 14% reduction in pressure ulcers
  • 38% reduction in call lights
  • 12-point increase in patient satisfaction

The Study

Hourly Rounding Study

Studer Group® partnered with the Alliance for Healthcare Research (AHCR) to conduct a study providing evidence that certain nursing staff behaviors reduce call lights and allow nurses to respond more efficiently to patient requests. This study, published in the September 2006 issue of the American Journal of Nursing, clearly demonstrates that when nurses follow recommended behaviors during their hourly rounds, organizations can see:
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Decreased risk through fewer patient falls and hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Increased employee satisfaction

Training Materials

To maximize learning potential, Studer Group® provides unique ways to learn and implement in your organization:

  • Video
  • Implementation Guide
  • Participant Guide


Exclusively through Stryker, institutions can access targeted on-site coaching from an experienced Studer Group® Coach to implement Hourly Rounding® and reinforce proper use of Stryker bed and surface technology to help achieve improved outcomes.