Product Features

Bari 10A fully exposed feature


Best-in-class expansion and retraction, with color-coded levers.
Bari 10A narrow feature

Bariatric Patient Helper

Made with heavy-gauge, tubular steel, the helper adds to patient dignity by allowing the patient to lift their upper body to participate in repositioning tasks.

Bari 10A double wheel feature

Fifth Wheel

A center-mounted fifth wheel provides an additional pivot point to turn the bed in a tighter arc. The fifth wheel also retracts to clear the under-bed space, ensuring ease of transfer across thresholds.

Bari 10A environment feature

Better Patient Care and Comfort

A practical solution, the Bari 10A can be used as a standard hospital bed, but it can easily expand 6 inches on each side to accommodate your heaviest patients. A centrally located fifth wheel improves maneuverability and steering. Additional expansion in length accommodates the greatest range of patients.

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