We believe in helping caregivers perform their jobs more efficiently while enhancing patient care.

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Making Healthcare Better

Why Stryker? Our products and passion for improving outcomes help make the lives of patients, and the people who care for them, better.

Why Stryker Is Right for You

BioMed, EVS & Central/Supply

Engineering, Environmental Services

Clinical Educators

Educators, WOCN, Falls Committee, Safe Patient Handling Coordinator

Clinical Main

Floor Nurses, Critical Care Nurses, MedSurg Nurses, Maternity Nurses

Clinical Specialists


Quality/Risk Managers

Corporate Suite


Floor Directors

Floor Directors, Nurse Managers


Value Analysis Committee, Purchasing

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Continuing Education

About Patient Care

Who We Are

As one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, we provide innovative and state-of-the-art medical and surgical equipment. Since 1941 we’ve been designing quality, durable products that are simple, safe and efficient.

Our Mission

Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better. 

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