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Our products are designed to fit your day-to-day needs so that you can focus on doing what you do best – being there for your patients.

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Day and night and month to month, caregiver staff is constantly changing. Healthcare equipment has to be easy for caregivers, both newcomers and existing members, to use so that they can focus on patient care – not how to lower the siderail of a bed. Simple, intuitive operation is a trademark of Stryker Patient Care products. To ensure that our products are as straightforward and effortless as possible, we partner with caregivers to design them. This design philosophy provides great insight into the natural tendencies of the end-user so we can determine where efficiencies can be gained, operation can be simplified and technological advances can be made.
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At Stryker, we believe that with the right technology and processes in place, adverse events can be prevented and patient outcomes can improve. Based on this idea, we were the first to market with the Chaperone Bed Exit System, which alerts caregivers if fall- or flight-risk patients leave the bed.

We also revolutionized Support Surfaces with the gel technology that can be found in the IsoGel, ComfortGel and Isolibrium support surfaces. This innovative gel technology helps provide patients with preventive skin care through continuous weight and position adjustment, helping to reduce the risk of skin breakdown.

Stryker Patient Care products work in conjunction with your facility’s protocols to improve patient outcomes.

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Patient satisfaction is a top priority for caregivers. That is why we put so much time into the design of our products. Looks matter, feel matters, and attention to detail matters. This is the motivation that drives making everything we craft, from beds to surfaces to furniture both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

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IsoFlex LAL_Green iBed

Stryker S3

Features a StayPut Frame and intermediate side rails to help prevent patient falls.
InTouch with Isolibrium LBH_nb_s


The bed that translates languages, documents protocol completion, plays music, and more.