IT and EMR

You thrive on technology and information, and we thrive on making both more efficient and effective.

Stryker Connected Hospital

By providing better bedside data and greater flexibility to connect, you can improve care efficiencies to help prevent adverse events. Our open architecture approach reduces your total cost of ownership and gives you the freedom to build a custom solution. This allows you to future-proof your bed choice as your connective technology evolves, which maximizes your current investment while offering you a solution at a lower total cost of ownership.

iBed Technology

This powerful and intuitive technology, when combined with the appropriate hospital protocols, helps prevent adverse events.

The iBed Awareness system monitors bed status information and visually, audibly or remotely alerts caregivers if a patient compromises preset parameters. iBed awareness is available only on InTouch.

iBed Protocol Reminders allow caregivers to set reminders of critical tasks such as patient turns. When it’s time to perform a task, InTouch provides a visual, audible or remote notification to help ensure that these tasks are performed in line with industry best practices. The iBed Protocol Reminders feature is available only on InTouch.

Chaperone Bed Exit System

The Chaperone Bed Exit System uses three concentric zones to track the patient’s center of gravity and sounds a local or remote alarm when 50% of the patient’s body weight exits the zones. This system is available on InTouch.

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The bed that translates languages, documents protocol completion, plays music, and more.