Quality and Risk Managers

It’s your job to ensure the safety of everyone – from patients to caregivers – in your facility. It’s our job to design products that help you do that.

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At Stryker, we believe that with the right technology and processes in place, adverse and never events can be prevented, and patient outcomes can improve. Based on this idea, we were the first to market with solutions like the Chaperone Bed Exit System, which alerts caregivers if patients attempt to leave the bed – a useful tool for fall- or flight-risk patients.

Stryker Surfaces also offer a variety of preventive skin care solutions. IsoGel Air isolates the three key contributors to skin breakdown: pressure, shear and micro-climate imbalance. Isolibrium features pressure redistribution and position assistance to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

In addition, Stryker Patient Care offers a Fall Prevention Program and a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program that work in conjunction with your facility’s protocols to improve patient outcomes.

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Cleaning is one key to preventing the spread of infection. To make this easier, some of our Patient Care products, like a few of our Beds, are power-washable. They feature a smoother design with obvious touchpoints, so there are fewer nooks and crannies for bacteria and viruses to get trapped in, and wiping down the product is simple and efficient. We use a color palette in our designs that helps draw attention to fluid and debris that may have been missed. 

You are the main line of defense for controlling infections. Stryker Patient Care products are your allies.

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All of our products are designed for caregivers, by caregivers. This is important to us because we know that experience matters, and we want your experience with our products to be beyond outstanding. Why? It’s simple – the better experience you have with our products, the better you feel about doing your job and the better off your patients will be.
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Stryker has a history of building innovative, reliable products that reach all areas of the hospital. Stryker equipment is rigorously tested to stand the test of time and the demands of the healthcare environment. Our ProCare Service solutions will help ensure product upkeep and preventive maintenance over the life of the product.

Of Interest to You

IsoFlex LAL_Green iBed

Stryker S3

Features a StayPut Frame and intermediate side rails to help prevent patient falls.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention Workshop

The Pressure Ulcer Prevention Workshop has been designed to provide nurses with the most up-to-date, evidence-based guidance for pressure ulcer prevention.


Fall Prevention Workshop

The Fall Prevention Workshop reviews evidence-based guidance on effective fall risk assessment, risk identification and effective team communications.

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ProCare Service Solution

Optimize your investment with a Stryker ProCare service solution, which provides the highest standard of service and support for your facility’s needs.